[time-nuts] Meter Scale printing program

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Tue Oct 12 16:42:07 EDT 2010

On 10/12/10 09:27 PM, WB6BNQ wrote:
> OK, found it
> There is one version but two choices.  The first is a FREE one with limited capability.  The second is the same program but with a key to unlock all the color and variable adjustment capabilities of the program.  The WEB page shows a number of examples at the bottom.
> http://tonnesoftware.com/meter2.html
> Bill....WB6BNQ

It's not rocket science to make these sort of things in a graphics package. I 
used CorelDraw for this years ago, but now I'd look for an open-source 
alternative. I've had non-linear scales, colours etc.

Personally I'd be unwilling to pay for such a program, but others might see it 


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