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Thu Oct 14 17:10:06 EDT 2010

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david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk writes:

OK, I  just got one of these as part of a lot of other test gear.

What is it  for?  I found nothing searching the archive, and Google didn't 
help much  either.  The Agilent site disclaimed all knowledge!

I suspect it  MIGHT be an off air frequency standard as it has 1MHz and 
100kHz outputs and  an aerial input.

Any clues - or pointers to  documentation?

Hi David
It's a standard frequency receiver, or at least the 5090A was anyway.
I don't know how similar they are but the 5090A was a bit of an oddball, in 
 that it was an HP instrument made specifically for the UK, or UK and  
Europe, and the input frequency was specified, im the October 1965 manual  as....
"200-Kc British Broadcasting Corporation Light Program Carrier" :-)
I bought the manual some years ago, just out of curiosity,  but have never 
come across one of the units.
I'm quite jealous:-)
I'll do a quick scan of the 5090A photo and send that to you direct just to 
 confirm it's the same or similar and should be able to sort out a complete 
scan  if you're not in too much of a hurry.

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