[time-nuts] Subject: Neat TCXO

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 16:17:52 EDT 2010


Ernie said >Have a look on ebay.....280567398921..... quite good TCXO.

Great find! Thanks for sharing.

If you didn’t know it, Motorola has been in the crystal manufacturing business for over 60 years.  They usually just make them for their own products. Their reputation is excellent. 

If one wants or needs an oven controlled VCXO item number:  270547849874 is an EFRATOM 105243-003 10MHz Crystal Oscillator.  This the one that is used in the Lucent GPS and Xtal oscillator units.  $10 plus $25 for shipping.  Usual Disclaimer Etc.  




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