[time-nuts] Fleamarket find

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Mon Oct 18 17:32:12 EDT 2010

Arthur Dent wrote:
> Ed Palmer wrote:
> "I have an HP105B e/w a 10811-60109 oscillator.  It has the same physical  
> configuration as all other plug-in 10811s.  It's plugged into the  00105-6044 
> board that you mentioned.  This combination was also  apparently used in the 
> 5061B Cs standard.  You can see it in the  pictures in the manual.  I also have 
> a couple of the older 00105  oscillators.  Totally different physical 
> configuration compared to the  10811 / 6044 combination, but the two are 
> plug-compatible."
> Here is a photo of a 10811 (with a 5061 p/n) and the HP 105 oscillator 
> that I just bought. They are not plug compatible.
> http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4153/5094715304_90206b98fd_b.jpg
>  -Arthur
My mistake.  I should have said that the older 105 oscillator is 
plug-compatible with the combination of the 10811 and two add-on 
boards.  The first is the 00105-6044 board that you mentioned.  It 
includes voltage regulation and oven monitor circuitry.  Both the 10811 
and the second board plug into the 6044 board.  The second board is 
05061-6165.  It includes frequency divider, amplifier, and level adjust 
circuitry to make it plug-compatible with the older oscillator.  Here's 
a picture of that board.  Notice the 4 SMB connectors and the four 
single lead connectors - just like the older oscillator.  The 110 VAC 
heater on the old oscillator isn't needed with the 10811 so they didn't 
duplicate that.


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