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Wed Oct 20 19:17:22 EDT 2010


As long as they are locked, they will follow GPS's ups and downs. In holdover there are some differences, but who plans to go into holdover...

The newer receivers are more sensitive / lock faster than the stuff from the 90's. They also *seem* to be lower jitter/wander. Weather that's true or just an artifact of the software would take some careful work with a good reference standard. 

All will make a better frequency standard than you will ever likely need. Time wise the newer ones may be a bit better. There is gear out there that will blow any of them away time wise. 

I would have a hard time justifying anything other than a TBolt "needs" wise. That doesn't keep me from owing multiple copies of just about every GPSDO ever made .... it's a disease ....


On Oct 20, 2010, at 4:08 PM, Ziggy wrote:

> I did some searching (perhaps ineffectively) of the archives, looking for some discussion of the merits of the different GPSDO products that we commonly see on auction sites. I've seen some discussions of individual models, but nothing that really discusses the differences, and why one unit may be superior to another. I'm a newcomer, so please be patient with my silly questions :)
> For example, what are the relative merits of the HP units? There are different vintages HP Z3801A, Z3805A, Z3815A, etc. and datasheets are available, but what  difference is there when using the output from these different models? For example, the Z3801A has a 6 channel GPS receiver. The Samsung/Symmetricom Z3805A we see out there has a 16 channel receiver. What is the difference when it comes to practical usage of these two different units? Does tracking 10 or 12 satellites provide a benefit over tracking 6?
> Then there are the different manufacturers. There are the HP units, the Alcatel-Lucent units (also of varying vintage), Trimble Thunderbolts, and others. Again, when it comes to practical usage is there any  difference between these? Is there any value in paying the premium for a Z3805A over a Thunderbolt? (Above the plug and play aspects.) I can get an older ALU unit with both GPSDO and Ru units for $100. How am I hurting myself with that purchase?
> There is certainly more public information available for some vendors and models than others. The software like Lady Heather or GPS Control provide a lot of information, and for the less popular units there is no such software option. Under what circumstances would that be a handicap?
> I freely admit I'm ignorant, but I'm not thin skinned. I'm just not aware yet of the factors to be considered when answering the questions above. Any comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Paul
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