[time-nuts] Determining Time-Nut infection severity.

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As usual, it seems I was incorrect. At least in the US legal system,
clinical death is considered to be the cessation of blood flow due to
heart failure and similar due to breathing having stopped. This,
apparently, means one can be brain dead but still considered to be
alive. Thinking about it now, I'm sure I have met some people who fit
that description :)

It's also interesting how long one can be clinically dead but still be
revived, depending upon the circumstances and the treatment one
receives at the time of medical intervention. To this extent,
modification of the "TOD hat" should in fact timestamp the cessation
of the heartbeat and then trigger peltier devices to cool the brain
area in an attempt to prolong the resuscitation window. Perhaps one of
the propeller hats could be retrofitted with a motor which engages at
the time of clinical death and thence cools the brain area to effect
this process as well. Logically though, complications may occur in
determining the time of death if one is subjected to multiple
resuscitations eventually culminating in a final determination of
legal death at some period after. Apparently the medical profession
has a saying that "you ain’t dead until your warm and dead", as one
may be successfully resuscitated, but damage caused by Ischemia can
result irreversible death some time later.

To this end, I think I'll have the headstone engraved with "Died: 21st
century'ish (approx date can be determined by carbon dating)". Also, I
will donate the fertile earth from the 6' hole of my internment to the
worthy cause of growing food for the hungry and back-fill the hole
with all the expensive stuff I have accumulated during my life. To
this end, future archaeologists may be able to determine that I had
some interest in knowing the precise time and frequency. I'm sure they
will chuckle as they look down at their $1 gas-station wrist-watches
which are kept in time via an embedded oscillator disciplined by
sub-atomic strings, being accurate to 1E-99, and wonder what the
dickens all the fuss was about.

As usual, please apply a liberal quantity of :) to my posts.


On 25 October 2010 16:26, Steve Rooke <sar10538 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 25 October 2010 14:21, Heathkid <heathkid at heathkid.com> wrote:
>> This sounds like a new project/kit... a TOD clock.  Simple... monitor
>> heartbeat (easy enough and I know it's not the only thing involved but if it
>> stops... so do you usually... but KISS should be kept in mind for this or it
>> gets WAY to complicated).  Heartbeat and PPS... with GPS and/or/with a small
>> Rb standard...  Ticker stops ticking... *timestamp*!  There we go.  So,
>> who's going to do the TOD kit?  I'd prefer something very small and not
>> obvious (like a watch that simply STOPS with a micro USB port to download
>> the *accurate/precise* time stamp of TOD).  Easy enough?
> But isn't the clinical definition of death, brain death, as the heart
> may stop but the person be resuscitated tens of seconds later. In our
> terms, tens of seconds is like a lifetime so heatbeat is out as the
> TOD metric. I would propose we develop a hat with inbuilt electrodes
> that touch the scalp and measure brain activity. Once this has decayed
> to the level as clinically defined as brain dead, a timestamp should
> be made against a standard that is reasonably accurate to the degree
> of uncertainty of the death event, IE. it is likely that the brain
> activity will stop instantly with such a sharp cutoff as to be less
> than a ms, us or whatever. The hat would include an integrated GPSDO
> built upon a flexible PCB board design with integrated path antenna
> positioned at the top. This could easily be powered by solar cells
> charging very thin lithium ion flexible batteries embedded in the hat.
> Of course the hat needs to be worn 24x7 so it would have to be of a
> design that lends itself to sleeping hours as well therefore being a
> sleeping cap so something like a beanie may be a starting point.
> Extensions to the design may be a time display which would, of course,
> double as the TOD display for those concerned with your internment and
> the engraving of your tombstone. A PPS and disciplined oscillator
> connection could also be incorporated as a form of mobile reference
> for the wearer. As for cleaning, two of such hats would be owned by
> the user with one "in the wash" while the other is being worn. Of
> course, careful planning and design needs to be taken in the choice of
> circuitry and construction so as to all the hat to be cleaned. There
> is, of course, the faint possibility of death during the swapping of
> but some careful planning of how to do the hat swap may alleviate this
> window.
> Steve
>> Yes, I'm infected but probably worse than most.  If you've seen my list of
>> gear and know that I don't even had the TBolt running yet (and have only
>> powered up one of my Rb standards... and have a LOT of "kits" to build....
>> etc.) you'd probably ALL place my TOD pretty quickly.  ;)
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>>> On 10/24/2010 10:50 PM, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>>>> On Oct 24, 2010, at 1:44 PM, Richard H McCorkle wrote:
>>>>> The disease will continue to progress until
>>>>> ultimately all of the patients personal time and money are
>>>>> exhausted or they die.
>>>> One can only hope that the local coroner is also a Time-Nut, so that time
>>>> of death can be determined with suitable accuracy and precision. Does
>>>> anybody know how many bits of precision are used on tombstones these days?
>>> The true report would not be correct without a traceability certificate
>>> and confidence interval for the TOD indication, motivated by the measurement
>>> inaccurancies and established TDEV measures.
>>> Naturally the next of kin doesn't really care, as they now can dump all
>>> the junk collected in the basement. The real mourning of the deceased from
>>> fellow time-nuts comes when they realize just how much of precious gear has
>>> been lost forever.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Magnus
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The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
- Einstein

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