[time-nuts] Determining Time-Nut infection severity

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"I suspect that at time of death, brain activity doesn't instantly cease, but decays."

I suspect that was not the case for the guy who was sucked into the jet engine :)

Or it was a pretty fast decay...


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I suspect that at time of death, brain activity
doesn't instantly cease, but decays.

Unless we would be able to monitor all brain
activity, we are stuck with a bald man paradox,
perhaps calculating the half-life of brain activity.

Maybe we could attempt to measure the weight of
the departing soul (Dr. Duncan MacDougall 1907)?
Surely the soul of a time-nut is more substantial
than, say, a politician.

Mike (Dead Weight) AA8K

On 10/24/2010 11:26 PM, Steve Rooke wrote:
> But isn't the clinical definition of death, brain death, as the heart
> may stop but the person be resuscitated tens of seconds later. In our
> terms, tens of seconds is like a lifetime so heatbeat is out as the
> TOD metric. I would propose we develop a hat with inbuilt electrodes
> that touch the scalp and measure brain activity. Once this has decayed
> to the level as clinically defined as brain dead, a timestamp should
> be made against a standard that is reasonably accurate to the degree
> of uncertainty of the death event, IE. it is likely that the brain
> activity will stop instantly with such a sharp cutoff as to be less
> than a ms, us or whatever. The hat would include an integrated GPSDO
> built upon a flexible PCB board design with integrated path antenna
> positioned at the top. This could easily be powered by solar cells
> charging very thin lithium ion flexible batteries embedded in the hat.
> Of course the hat needs to be worn 24x7 so it would have to be of a
> design that lends itself to sleeping hours as well therefore being a
> sleeping cap so something like a beanie may be a starting point.
> Extensions to the design may be a time display which would, of course,
> double as the TOD display for those concerned with your internment and
> the engraving of your tombstone. A PPS and disciplined oscillator
> connection could also be incorporated as a form of mobile reference
> for the wearer. As for cleaning, two of such hats would be owned by
> the user with one "in the wash" while the other is being worn. Of
> course, careful planning and design needs to be taken in the choice of
> circuitry and construction so as to all the hat to be cleaned. There
> is, of course, the faint possibility of death during the swapping of
> but some careful planning of how to do the hat swap may alleviate this
> window.
> Steve

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