[time-nuts] What is the correct Allan value?

mike cook mike.cook at orange.fr
Fri Oct 29 15:57:12 EDT 2010

looks like this might run...

I would say that all the values are valid , but agree that the overall 
confidence in the performance couldn't be better than the worst case. I 
have noticed that I never get  the same ADEV values on successive runs 
but put it down to an undisciplined thermal environment. I suppose that 
if you were running an experiment you would ideally measure the ADEV 
over the periods of interest and use those values as opposed to relying 
on some longer baseline.

Le 29/10/2010 21:20, Poul-Henning Kamp a écrit :
> In message<962BA941C5CA41C19DF45F77608AD38F at Warcon28Gz>, "WarrenS" writes:
>> What is the correct 100 sec Allan value of this low noise 10811 Osc?
>> All plots are of the same OSC, just different parts of the same data run.
> Basically the worst one...

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