[time-nuts] manuals, anyone?

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Thu Aug 4 15:25:33 EDT 2011

Actually, Ken had permission from several to host the manuals, including
HP. What happened, and what he told me, was the number of users on the
server was number one, and thus, the mirror. If any recall, it was hard to
get a download spot, unless it was in the late hours, right before he shut
that servers download abilities down. It is also a school server, and they
were supposed to upgrade, and then there was the whole Heathkit crock, at
the time, which he and I talked about a few months back. By the way, he
sent me all those Heathkit goodies to host, and if anyone is interested,
e-mail me. It will be later this fall before I can finish cleaning them all
up, and placing them on a non-US server.

Right now, you might try the Ebaman site, as he accepts all manual uploads,
and is growing by leaps.




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On 8/4/2011 at 12:05 PM Jim Lux wrote:

>On 8/4/11 9:08 AM, Dave M wrote:
>> BAMA is kinda strange nowadays. According to the note on the edebris
>> mirror page, the main BAMA site has been down for "repairs and upgrades"
>> since 9/17/2009; almost 2 years ago. Will the main site ever come back
>> online, or has it been written off permanently?
>> Also, as I remember, there was a note somewhere on the site that the
>> owner(s) of the BAMA site were no longer accepting manuals for test
>> equipment... only real "boat anchors" such as tube type radios, ham
>> gear, etc. Am I remembering correctly, or was there a different
>> restriction or has the restriction been removed? I know that I tried to
>> upload a couple Tektronix manuals that I had scanned, but they never
>> showed up on the site.
>maybe copyright concerns..  a boat anchor that has a manual from a mfr 
>that is out of business is low risk to host.
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