[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Monitoring for Pocket PC

Paul_group paul_group at greenrover.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 5 04:23:28 EST 2011

On 25/11/2011 22:55, Justin Pinnix wrote:
> Nuts,
> A while back, I scored an old Compaq iPaq Pocket PC for cheap at an
> auction.  Recently, I wrote a program for it that reads the time and health
> information from a Thunderbolt and displays it in real-time.  More info
> available here:  http://www.fuzzythinking.com/projects/thunderhead/
> I may be the only guy in the world who owns both of those pieces of
> hardware, but in case anyone else does, please enjoy this program.

Nice one Justin, works a treat on my HX4700

Regards Paul

73 de Paul GW8IZR IO73TI

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