[time-nuts] High end OCXO alternatives (or maybe an high perf Rb ?)

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 7 21:41:37 EST 2011


I'm contemplating starting a search on the "typical auction sites" for a high end OCXO (or possibly a high end Rb) that would be suitable for characterizing the performance of an FTS 1050.   From time to time I've seen ADEV figures of in the 10E-13 range (at a typical Tau of 100 seconds) when comparing the FTS 1050 in question to one of my GPSDO's and one of my Rb's.    

At this point I'm contemplating looking for:

Another FTS 1050
Various Datum / FTS stand alone OCXO's
An Oscilloquartz BVA OCXO
A Sulzer OCXO
Maybe an HP 5065

(I've already assembled a modest collection of half a dozen various 10811's and don't really want to buy any more at this point.)

Essentially I'm looking for something with a reasonable likely hood of consistently having an ADEV in the 13's at Taus of 100 seconds or so.   
I'm thinking that another FTS 1050 is probably the most likely alternative but I'm trying to keep an open mind to other options.  I'm not really interested in a Cesium standard but if anyone has any other suggestions of products I could look for (other than a H maser (:  )  comments on or off list would be appreciated.

Regards Mark Spencer

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