[time-nuts] Ebay FE-5680A Rb: Are they that good?

Marco IK1ODO -2 ik1odo at spin-it.com
Fri Dec 9 08:10:29 EST 2011


the plots are nice, and I did the same years ago for an Efratom 
FRS-C. Found about the same data. The only point is that with the 
spectrum analyzer you see the S/A pahse noise, not the Rb, wich has 
to be orders of magnitude lower.
About the comments on the waveform and harmonics contents: who cares 
about having the 2nd harmonic at -30 or -50 dB? For any practical use 
one has to square the signal, and the original harmonic content is of 
no pratical interest, or I am missing something ...

73 - Marco IK1ODO / AI4YF

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