[time-nuts] Anyone know anything about the Oscilloquartz GPSCU II-B ?

Peter Bell bell.peter at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 08:54:34 EST 2011

Seeing that other post about an Oscilloquartz GPSDO made me wonder if
anyone on here knows about these?

It's a board-level product, which looks very much lile it's designed
to go into some piece of telecoms equipment.  Push button switch, 2
SMA connectors and a D-type on the front panel - carrier board on
standoffs in the middle of the main PCB (with a barcode label marked
"gcm")  with 3-sub boards on it - one is a Navicom GPS receiver
module, one is a carrier board with a 8663-XS OCXO on it and the third
is marked "MPU Ver 2.0 NAVICOM PTS Team" and has a barcode label
marked "proc".

Sounds familiar to anyone?



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