[time-nuts] looking for data on time code display

ed breya eb at telight.com
Sun Dec 11 14:16:23 EST 2011

I doubt that you will ever find a manual or schematics, but you 
should be able to decipher enough of the circuitry to figure out how 
to fire it up and talk to it. The digits should be arranged in either 
a counter or individually addressable. If it's a counter, you should 
be able to find a 1 PPS point somewhere in there to make it at least 
do that. If there's not a bunch of digital stuff in there - shift 
registers and such - then it's probably just a counter of 1 PPS from 
an AM modulated carrier, or maybe FSK, or maybe simply divided down 
from those frequencies selected on the front panel. If it already 
lights up, try putting in some signals and see what it does.


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