[time-nuts] synch for pendulum clock....

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Sun Dec 11 17:13:57 EST 2011

and similar stuff found by googling "driving pendulum clock"
Lots of food for thought. Mumford has put some thought into it.
A lot depends on why you want to drive the thing; e.g. measuring
perturbations in the gravitational field, a sensitive barometer,
temperature sensor, etc. etc.

Brian, WA1ZMS
> This was talked about several years ago, but did anyone get a fully
> functional design running using electromagnets to synch at one or both
> ends of the travel?
> In the meantime I am using a sensor to measure the time period of the
> pendulum for this particular new grandmother wall clock and from that, I
> can synthesize a pulse train from one of the 10MHz lab clocks to drive
> the electromagnets to cause a subtle synch at the end(s) of the pendulum
> travel. The pulse train freq is custom for a given clock.
> Anyway...... that's my scheme for now.
> Feedback welcome.
> -Brian, WA1ZMS
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