[time-nuts] Ebay FE-5680A Rb: Connections and Features

Bob Smither smither at c-c-i.com
Sun Dec 11 22:59:57 EST 2011

GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:


> The FEI part number you are looking for is 217400-30352-1, it is often  
> clearly visible in the auction photos and can be seen in at least one of the  
> photos in the above link.
> I'm sure all will do what you ask but the biggest problem I found was  
> actually getting to talk to the unit, it doesn't give you any feedback if you  
> get it wrong, just sits there looking at you.

But you can query the unit and it will reply with the programmed offset value. 
If you get it wrong, it won't accept the programmed value.  Just query it with:

   2d 04 00 29

to verify the offset value.

> Data connections are as per the manual, pin 8 of the 9 pin connector on the 
>  module goes to pin 3 of the 9 pin RS232 port at the PC, and pin 9 at the  
> module goes to pin 2 at the PC. Add the ground connection and that's it.
> You will need some software to send the HEX 32 bit signed integer  values 
> plus checksum to the unit.
> Programs such as Hyperterminal aren't much help here but I found the RS232  
> Hex Com Tool from Virtual Integrated Design to be ideal.

Cutecom works perfectly:


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