[time-nuts] filtering a 10Mhz frequency standard?

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I think you would want to avoid crystal filters due to microphonics. 

I've found building good LCR filters harder in real life than on paper. (I've done plenty of leapfrog active filters from LCR based designs.) I've had to make a passive LCR for ADC testing and secondary (parasitic elements of nonideal component) come into play.  Nowadays I just buy COTS.

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Subject: [time-nuts] filtering a 10Mhz frequency standard?
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What is the best practice for filtering a 10Mhz sine wave frequency
standard?   I've read that you can do more harm than good. Filter
parts  (caps, resistors and so on) are all temperature sensitive. But
all those $40 Rb oscillators are putting out a pretty rough looking
sine wave.

Are some types of filters better.  I thought about a crystal filters.


Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

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