[time-nuts] gravity controlled pendulumn clock?

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Dec 13 11:19:14 EST 2011

> But it wouldn't be a nice 10,000 km from pole to equator...

And surprise!  It still isn't!  It is more like 12,713.5 km.

... unless you measure it to one significant figure.

Metric vs English is purely about a set of arbitrary constants.

Decimal pounds, decimal inches and decimal seconds is just as
arbitrary, and just as easy to use as the metric system.

> And besides that's the whole Britannia rules the waves so they get the prime
> meridian and the French make good maps so they get the meter thing.

I think it was more that the French were so ghoulishly violent
with their revolution that the rest of Europe was afraid of them.

-Chuck Harris

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