[time-nuts] gravity controlled pendulumn clock?

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Tue Dec 13 13:38:26 EST 2011

Yes, but different seconds. I learned many years ago to use the RSF
(rod-stone-fortnight) system of units. Small errors are much smaller...

Jim Lux
> On 12/13/11 8:57 AM, Bob Bownes wrote:
>> What's metric or Common Measure about seconds? ;)
>> Bob
> AN excellent point.. aren't seconds the only unit that is the same in
> basically all measurement systems?  there's cgs, mks, SI, Imperial, US
> Customary, Avoirdupois, etc  and they all use seconds.
> And since this is timenuts.. where did the second originate (I recall a
> story about Galileo counting heartbeats for his experiments rolling
> balls down ramps... but that sounds a bit too convenient).
> Is it just dividing hours by 60 to get minutes and minutes by 60 to get
> seconds  (as my daughter was wont to say when learning fractions: curse
> those Babylonians)
> http://tf.boulder.nist.gov/general/pdf/2209.pdf
> makes it seem to be Claudius Ptolemy
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