[time-nuts] gravity controlled pendulumn clock?

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Dec 13 21:04:32 EST 2011

Arnold Tibus wrote:
> I don't understand at all the arguments against the metric system and
> the polemic remarks about. I second the statements of Neville and Jim.
> Without these intelligent french Astronomers like Jean-Baptiste-Joseph
> Delambre, Pierre-François-André Méchain and J.J. Lalande (more infos:
> Ken Alder, The Measure of All Things), we would still have the severe
> problems they had centuries ago!
> Reading WIKIPEDIA, http://en.wikipedia.org
> /wiki/German_units_of_measurement,
> we find a good example of weird units (just for only a part of Germany):
> "Before the introduction of the metric system in Germany, almost every
> town had its own definitions of the units shown below, and supposedly by
> 1810, in Baden alone, there were 112 different standards for the Elle
> around Germany. The metric system was a much-needed standardisation in
> Germany."
> This was not only a german problem, and we still have today some
> problems in the world in this area.

Standardization is fine.  Attempting to force the world's largest economy
to bend to the wishes of Europe isn't fine.  The US system has been
standardized for more than a century, and works very nicely.  Decimal
inches, decimal pounds, and seconds is every bit as valid a measurement
system as the equally arbitrary meter, kilogram and second.  Decimal
inches, decimal pounds, and seconds flies most of the airframes in the
world, won WWII, and took mankind to the moon and beyond.

Saying that the use of pounds, and yards is imprecise is simply ignorant.

> I believe we should think more about what we are saying and doing, so we
> would do a big step forward to become a world community. ...

Regardless of our measurement systems, we are already a world community.

The strife we see in the world today is not the result of measurements,
but rather is the result of religion, politics, and culture.

-Chuck Harris

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