[time-nuts] Software for Tektronix FCA3100 Counter -- AKA Pendulum CNT91

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Wed Dec 14 05:37:40 EST 2011

In a message dated 14/12/2011 09:45:33 GMT Standard Time,  
magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org writes:

TimeLab  should be able to work with it as the CNT91 supports TalkOnly 
(and TimeLab  only supports TalkOnly counters for generic types). I can't 
use my CNT90  with TimeLab, as it doesn't have TalkOnly mode unfortunately.

Tektronix  and Fluke re-badged them. Spectracom bought Pendulum and in 
the end they  closed the Stockholm office and the Pendulum design-team  
Thanks Magnus
I'd downloaded version 0.979 in November, but because the release note for  
that version stated "Added driver for HP 5335A counter" I just assumed that 
 any device would need a machine specific driver.
That'll teach me not to do my homework properly, and not to jump to  
unwarranted conclusions:-), I'll give it a try.
I was aware of the re-badging and of Spectracom taking over Pendulum, but  
wasn't aware of the closer of the Stockholm office and the loss of the 
design  team, that would seem to be a very short sighted business decision:-(

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