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Or the shipper didn't pack it well. UPS is very generous on insurance payments IF the shipper doesn't have a history of issues. The stores that use the custom foam scheme you see often on ebay were stores already nabbed by UPS for too many damage claims.  

As far as I know, the Customs House just does paperwork. Breaking stuff is left to the package handlers. 

Everything I ever got from China has been USPS. Slow boat from China is more than an expression. ;-)

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Yeah. UPS has a Customs Broker...  staffed by 600 pound gorillas. They
succeeded in breaking my cast iron antenna base about 1/2" thick and
weighing over 40 pounds.



> Paying duty on foreign purchases is always a crap shoot. Often you don't
> get charged at all. Other times the item is held and you pony up the duty.
> I got an item through Fedex and they came after me two years later for the
> duty. I refused to pay because I couldn't even remember if I paid the duty
> when I got the item.
> UPS has their own customs house. Way more professional than Fedex.
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