[time-nuts] gravity controlled pendulum clock?

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed Dec 14 14:35:41 EST 2011

Jim Palfreyman wrote:
> Paul, a cricket pitch is 20 m. Sure when the curator draws the lines it is
> 12cm longer, (and I guarantee s/he uses a metric measure) but when we pace
> it out for backyard cricket - its 20 m.
> Also my American friends, all your imperial measurements are DEFINED in
> terms of metric. eg your inch is 25.4 mm exactly. By definition. It has
> been estimated you could save a trillion dollars a year in your economy by
> converting - which you will ultimately do. I just hope it is in my
> lifetime.

I have to wonder how scrapping all of our gas pumps, road signs, cooking
utensils, and most of our manufacturing machines would save us a trillion
dollars a year.  Sounds like wishful thinking.

I would sure like to see how that number was arrived at!

-Chuck Harris

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