[time-nuts] Ebay FE-5680A Rb

Joe Leikhim JLeikhim at Leikhim.com
Wed Dec 14 14:58:07 EST 2011

So the OCXO and the 9 pin RS232 are not actually connected to the PC 
board? I am confused?

On 12/14/2011 2:53 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
> I would say that he has a gadzillion of the OCXO's, recognizes that 
> the frequency
> is useless, and would rather give them away, generating a little 
> synthetic good will,
> than scrap them.
> -Chuck Harris
> Joe Leikhim wrote:
>> I have been watching this thread and may have missed something. My 
>> questions: What is
>> the purpose of the outboard OCXO VECTRON 63.8976Mhz? What model 
>> number does this RB
>> most closely resemble?

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