[time-nuts] FE-5680A Rb Questions

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> 1.  Will it work on 12 volts instead of 15?
My bet  is "no" as there is an internal regulator that likely needs  
I would assume no too, for the same reason, and don't forget that the  
version in question also needs 5 volts on pin 4.
No reason why that shouldn't be provided from a regulator via the 15 volt  
line though

> 2. Is the serial i/o really RS-232 or something  else
There is a Max rs232 level converter inside so I assume "real  rs232",
not TTL levels

> 3.  Is there a command list?
There is a  book.  Google   "TECHNICAL MANUAL TM0110-2"
Real RS232, and a PC port will drive it. It just needs data in and out plus 
Information in the manual that Chris highlights above, and plenty in the  
list archives, including a reasonably detailed "get you going" post from me  

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