[time-nuts] "The GPS navigation is the weakest point,"

Joe Leikhim JLeikhim at Leikhim.com
Thu Dec 15 18:41:07 EST 2011

Arriving this week, IEEE Magazine this months issue has an article about 
pilot-less commercial airliners, comparing the UAV drone technology as 
being readily available to fly paying passengers from here to there. 
Coincidentally the table of contents page depicts a drone which appears 
to be this very same "Beast of Kandahar" taking off! I look forward to 
the future letters column. I for one would not trust a pilot-less plane 
to transport me knowing that a terrorist need only to jam or spoof the 
GPS constellation, and bring down hundreds of planes. Heck, the proposed 
LightSquared system could bring the planes down.

Joe Leikhim

Leikhim and Associates
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Oviedo, Florida


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