[time-nuts] Farm GPS jamming?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Fri Dec 16 13:14:28 EST 2011

Hi N0UU:

Moffett Filed in Mountain View has the normal approach side of both runways along a six foot chain link fence that's 
directly adjacent to the 101 freeway.  I think the rule is they are supposed to clear the freeway by 100 feet, but the 
only practical limit is that the bottom of the wheels clear the fence.  You can imagine what it's like to be driving 
along the freeway and have a plane fly over your car  (you normally don't drive looking out the side windows) ten feet 
above you.  It was the P-3 Orion sub hunters most of the time and occasionally a U-2 (NASA?) or C-5 (Lockheed delivering 
a satellite).

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

lstoskopf at cox.net wrote:
>   Here in Kansas near a bombing range.  Last year I was pheasant hunting nearby with a farmer big into precision ag, RTK on all equipment.  Walking across a grain sorghum field I commented about a very crooked set of rows compared to the rest.  "Oh, a B2 went over and it takes a while sometimes to get the row straight afterwards".
> Not to much different from my experience in the 60s when driving a combine in the same area I shut of the engine and plugged the whole straw handling system after I suddenly heard the loudest roar imaginable and thought something bad broke. The shadow of a B52 at a few hundred feet altitude immediately answered that question, but not the straw which had to come out by hand.
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