[time-nuts] Low tech stealth monitoring

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Fri Dec 16 13:55:26 EST 2011

In the city, you just don't hear even a jetliner flying at altitudes of
20,000 feet or more.

I'd think it'd be pretty hard to hear a drone up 40,000++ feet, even in
the wilderness.



>>Stealthy doesn't mean invisible. Think low tech.. a bunch of guys out in
>> the desert with cellphones .. "I just heard it come over"
> Here in Kansas we still have some 50s watch towers from the 'Gawk Tower'
> days.  Lots of people spent some cold nights here on the phone to some
> central location reporting plains.  Some other activities reportedly also.
>  I would think that after flying 2000 miles to get here someone would have
> seen.
> However, one night maybe 10 years ago I was outside and watched a perfect
> triangle of darkness passing across the bright star field.  No running
> light and absolutely no sound.
> Back to timing.  A couple of days ago I ordered a UBLOX -6T evaluation
> kit.  Received a query as to who I was and why I needed it before the
> order would be processed.  Working on a low cost RTK system for the very
> small farmer.  We'll see if I get it.
> N0UU
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