[time-nuts] Solstice Puzzle

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sat Dec 17 11:50:04 EST 2011

Hi Mike:

Yes, I thought that "cube" implied any face could be the face with the display.
The container that holds the single digit display could be a thin rectangle.
Your reading is more practical and makes the problem much easier and far lower in cost.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

Mike S wrote:
> At 01:04 AM 12/17/2011, Neville Michie wrote...
>> This clock consists of 6 cubes, each has a digit display on one face.
>> It does not matter how you arrange them, if they are in a line they
>> will display the right time. (there may also be a nearby box containing a Rb or GPS time standard.)
> Wow. Looks like nobody takes time to read anymore. All the responses so far act as if the line "each has a digit 
> display on one face" wasn't even there, and assume the boxes have to figure which side is up and which side to use as 
> a display.
> They just need to figure out where they are in sequence. I'd use a microcontroller in each, to drive the display, and 
> also to monitor an IR sensor and drive an IR LED. Sensor on the right of each box (as you face the arrangement of 
> boxes), LED on the left. Box on the right (seconds - ones digit) receives no input from the sensor, knows it's the 
> rightmost box. It's also the one that keeps time. Displays last digit, passes 5 remaining digits out the IR LED to the 
> next box. Each box strips the last digit, displays it, sends the remaining ones on. Repeat. Last box receives one 
> digit, displays it, done. Every time the seconds increment, the rightmost box passes the new time along.
> Obviously, if you're thinking of some type of electrical connection between them, it's the same, only different.
> The rest is just details, like how to modulate the signal, receive time from your standard, etc. If you want the digit 
> changes closely sync'd, figure out the delay through each box, and each one delays the display by the delay 
> time*number of digits it's passing on (and the first one starts the update sooner to accomodate).
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