[time-nuts] My Racal-Dana 1992

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Sun Dec 18 13:16:42 EST 2011

Chuck wrote:

>It has not occurred to me that either the coarse or fine adjustment 
>has detents.

Could this be the friction you mention?  If you turn the fine 
adjustment very slowly, can you detect regular "clicks" (feels almost 
like stiction and release, but very regular/periodic)?  (I have not 
used the coarse adjustments in a decade, so I do not recall how they act.)

>The accuracy spec is based on three months of continuous operation.
>Not likely in this day and age.

???  Mine have not been powered down since the last time I rearranged 
the shop, over 3 years ago.  They have been switched to standby from 
time to time.

Best regards,


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