[time-nuts] Another Trimble Thunderbolt-like GPS?

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I was inside a AT$T shack about a month ago. They have GPS timing inside.  I took some photographs, so I will dig up later what timing they use. 

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On 19 Dec, 2011, at 11:25 , Rob Kimberley wrote:

> There was a spec issued many years ago to the industry from Lucent I believe
> to come up with a GPS product for base station requirements. 10 MHz, 1PPS,
> OCXO, RS-232 port, and a certain holdover spec.  The Thunderbolt was one,
> Starloc another, NanoSync (from Odetics/Zyfer). There were others.
> Rob Kimberley

I think it was actually Qualcomm.  The requirement for GPS time and 10 microsecond
time synchronization (which informs the holdover spec) came from Qualcomm's CDMA
specification and are unique to it.  GSM, UMTS and (I think) LTE base stations can
get by without GPS at all.

Dennis Ferguson
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