[time-nuts] Using Thunderbolt to Discipline FE 5680A?

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Thu Dec 22 12:04:04 EST 2011


Most GPS disciplined Rb's run loops that are in the "several days" time
constant range. The Tbolt's integer software was designed for "several
minutes" time constants. It's unlikely that it was properly engineered to
scale to run the way they seem to run an Rb. Overflow / underflow problems
generally come up in these sort of thing. 

Simple answer - yes you can do it. The issue is weather you can do it well.
If the unit free run's at <1x10^-12 for days, it's going to be tough to
check out. Ideally you want the TBolt + Rb to be more stable and more
accurate than the Rb alone...


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Has anyone successfully used a Thunderbolt to discipline a FE-5680A?

I thought I saw a posting or site where someone disabled the 10 MHz 
oscillator on the Thunderbolt and used the Thunderbolt to discipline the 
FE-5680A.  However, I can't find it now.



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