[time-nuts] Thunderbolt? (re simple gpsdo.)

Stanley timenuts at n4iqt.com
Fri Dec 30 16:24:15 EST 2011

The DAC and it's voltage reference looks to be the weak link in the digital 
control and the "simple" goal. The CPU I mentioned before on closer look 
doesn't have a good DAC. The 20 bit TI DAC1220 looks better but not sure you 
can find it in the same package as the CPU. The cheap Rb standards with 
digital control would not need a DAC and maybe this points to a simpler 
GPSDO that doesn't control the XO with analog but corrects it with a DDS but 
again finding them both in one chip is the problem. I have seen OCXO and DAC 
in the same package and even the DDS and OCXO combined but they didn't fit 
the simple goal. Not even sure how good they were. I know they are hard to 


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