[time-nuts] line frequency website

Steve iteration69 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 19:31:51 EST 2011

I've been loging my TED5000 (voltage, current) for almost half a year
now. It does not provide frequency, but the log is down to the second.
I keep several periods in the archive for easy access (Daily, Hourly
Minute, Second) About 3.5gb of csv energy data per channel for my home.

Problem is that when the power drops too low, the system stops working.
Looking at a few random files, it looks like the range for both legs is
about 10 volts. Ive checked frequency a few times in the past with the
fluke scopemeter, both at home and work (i live 7 miles away from work)
and have noticed it to jump between 58 and 62 hertz. Which makes sense
because our older alarm clock needs to be corrected every month of so.

I've been meaning to start logging frequency-- not got around to it yet.


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