[time-nuts] Clearest article yet on LightSquared's threat to GPS

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Sat Jun 4 19:25:07 EDT 2011

After reading this, and especially the part at the end, John Deere fears
that politics, government officials, along with certain deep pockets
greasing the wheels, will over rule common sense. I'm like Deere, in that I
would want any and all talks open to the public, and open to the current L
band, and GPS businesses. If any discussions are held closed-door, you can
bet your bottom dollar what's fixing to happen, and it isn't pretty.



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On 6/4/2011 at 9:35 AM Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R wrote:

>Many unanswered questions about how LightSquared got the FCC to do an end
run around established rulemaking procedures on such an important issue.
Woodward and Bernstein, where are you already?
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