[time-nuts] 53132A counter slow frequency update

John Pease john_pease123 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 28 14:07:20 EDT 2011

My new to me counter has a strange response when I change the input frequency. With the gate set to 1s, I can measure 100 MHz with plenty of digits. Then I change the frequency to 1 MHz and it takes several seconds to almost a minute for the display to change from 100 MHz to 1 MHz. The delay only occurs when I lower the input frequency quite a bit; 100 MHz to 10 MHz changes are displayed within 2 gate times. When I increase the frequency form 1 MHz to 100 MHz I always get the correct display after two gate times. This delay is proportional to the gate time; the updating is 10 times faster with 0.1 s gate time.
Is this behavior typical for this counter?
Thank you
John Pease

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