[time-nuts] Lightsquared goes Global...

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Thu Jun 30 13:45:32 EDT 2011

Mark my words, it will be down to who has the deepest pockets, and the best
representation from the lobyist's, in how this goes. The congress is
ignorant to technical issues, and they will force the FCC to follow along.
It will go down that it was "for the greater good", or something similar.

Boeing pulled something similar to this, by building a plant in S.C., for
the 787, in order to get even with the union, as it was proven, and the
NLRB ruled against them, but right now, over the money invested, Congress
is about to step in over the NLRB ruling, for the union, and this type of
thing happens all the time. Build it up first, and force them to use it, or
force it through, over the large sums of money already invested.



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On 6/30/2011 at 6:32 PM Rob Kimberley wrote:

>Seems like no one is safe from this!
>Rob K
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