[time-nuts] Selling things on time-nuts (or other lists)

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Mar 4 21:45:09 EST 2011

Argh.  Sorry for botching the Subject on my previous message.  After a bit of 
typing I decided to split it into two, but that was after I had "fixed" the 
Subject and such.  Sigh.  So here is the other part...


My opinions on announcements vs advertising on lists...

I hate blatant commercial advertising, more so the farther it is from the 
main topic of the list.

I'm generally in favor of appropriate one-off advertisements/announcements by 
active members or even semi-active or lurkers if the gear is hard to find.

If you are going to clutter up the list with a message, please include all 
the details of all the goodies you are selling.

I prefer non-ebay, but if you have listed stuff on ebay, include their 
numbers and/or URLs.

If you are an active (constructive) participant in a 
list/newsgroup/forum/whatever, I'm happy with a short signature tacked on the 
end of each message.  4 lines is the usual usenet limit.

There is a gray area in responding to requests for where to get something.  
If it's widely available, I hate the responses that say nothing more than "Me 
me me!!!".  On the other hand, I really appreciate responses from 
vendors/reps who know what's going on and contribute useful details 
(technical or marketing).  Synergy comes to mind as a good example.

These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's.  I hate spam.

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