[time-nuts] Update on the FRSc RB reference recovery and other info

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 22:51:51 EST 2011

Hello to the group.
Its been 2 weeks plus since I heated the FRS c up and regained lamp
ignition. In fact the lamps brightened by about .5-.75v or just over 8 volts
now. Not bad from below 1.83v as I recall. That may not be a valid number at
all. More accurate statement "dead".

So thats been a success and I will document what I have done to add to the
knowledge base created by Magnus and others ahead of me.

While tinkering with this and GPSDOs for the austron 2201 project. Built a
controller that worked ok and can definitely be improved on. But in parallel
I programed up a VE2ZAZ controller. I want to thank Bert for his guidance.
This could be a replacement for the austron 2201 internals if I can't get
the original system cooking. The austrons a very nice case and good
comparator but its looking kind of slim on the recovery.

Back to the GPSDO
My particular solution uses the 10 MC 24 volt Lucent/Piezo oscillator found
in cel sites and generally come along with the Lucent RB references for
nothing. In fact I don't know if anyone pays much attention to them at all.
They make a nice ovenized oscillator and when combined with Bert's
controller do a nice job. But what I like is the whole solution draws 2.6
Watts compared to the steady state FRSc of 9.6 watts.
On battery backup this would allow a small set of  2 X 14 amp hour batteries
to easily run the reference for 32 hours without killing the batteries. The
other thing is that the M12+ locks up very quickly and the VE2ZAZ does a
good job of getting everything under control reasonably fast. Granted it
will not be the stability of a true Time-nuts solution but it will do for my
typical bench needs.

So there you have it projects move along.
Let the GPSDO bake in a bit more and then time to document the FRSc recovery

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