[time-nuts] STP2145A

Robert Watzlavick.com rocket at watzlavick.com
Tue Mar 8 13:11:02 EST 2011

Thank you very much for the datasheet. That confirms my suspicion about what was posted on eBay. For my application I actually need the 5V control voltage because I'm planning on using it with my Datum bc635PCI and TS2100. It's way too large for either unit but for the PCI card I can just mount it inside the PC case and run wires to the board for the rf out and control voltage. Both of these devices use the same dac/amp combination that puts out a 0.5 to 4.5 V control voltage.  Does the MV89 really have a 5V EFC input?  I suppose I could change out the opamp gain resistors to adjust the range. 


On Mar 8, 2011, at 11:51 AM, "Murray Greenman" <Murray.Greenman at rakon.com> wrote:

> Robert,
> I've attached the data sheet for the STP2145A. The device is 12V
> operated, and has an internal 8V reference which you can use to supply
> the EFC circuit.
> Have a look at http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/MICRO/SIMPLE/SimpleGPS.htm,
> where I describe a simple home-brew GPS Disciplined Reference based on
> an oscillator similar to the STP2145A. The stability is impressive for
> such a simple unit.
> RAKON France (used to be C-MAC) make a wide range of high performance
> OCXOs.
> 73,
> Murray ZL1BPU
> <C-MAC STP2145A.pdf>

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