[time-nuts] Low noise power supply

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Wed Mar 9 10:57:23 EST 2011

Modern electronics, 1950s through maybe 2000 was all done on paper. The
magazines and books like the EEMs provide a very valuable reference for
specs on instruments and components.

When a company goes away, usually its web site does too. I'm certainly not
about to toss out my product literature files any time soon.




> Hi John and group -
> For us germans, american magazines always look overloaded with
> advertisments. The marketenders don't like to hear that the generations
> under 40-50 are mostly advertisment blind just by natural adaption.
> The times where I read paper electronics are long gone. The Internet
> completely took over. Sometimes I go for wooden pdfs in the local
> university library.
> But back to the interesting subject - that I personally not fully
> resolved so there is a need of discussion!
> Here is a first insight:
> http://waltjung.org/PDFs/Sources_101_P2.pdf
> In general: LDO is bad. low Iq is bad too.
> cheers -
> Henry
> --
> ehydra.dyndns.info
> J. Forster schrieb:
>> Electronic Products is not a real engineering publication. It is a forum
>> purely for new product releases. Always has been.
>> Articles there are almost always written by applications engineers for
>> the
>> product being touted.
>> I got it free for decades, and threw the magazine away at once, unread.
>> Why, you ask? Simple, the EEM...  Electronic Engineers' Master, the
>> giant,
>> multi-volume industry directory with company names and phone numbers,
>> about the size of a cinder block... came free, with a subscription.
>> Best,
>> -John

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