[time-nuts] Coalition to Save GPS

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Sat Mar 12 16:29:55 EST 2011

> I find this quite strange. I have three questions:
> 1) Why would your FCC allow such a thing?


There is FAR more money in WiFi than GPS. That means there is more to
grease up politicians.

> 2) For this company to have high bandwidth they're going to need a
> precision time source at each transmitter. Will it be gps??? :-)

A  sheet of aluminum as a ground plane below their GPS antennas will kill
a lot of QRM if the GPS is located above their x antennas.

> 3) Wouldn't the most used GPS devices in the US be smartphones (iPhone
> etc)? Tell those users that location services won't work any more and
> wait for a reaction.

Not all mobile devices use GPS for location. Location can be by
triangulation from cell sites.


> Jim

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