[time-nuts] semi-OT: comparison of two 10x scope probes / cheap OCXO

beale beale at bealecorner.com
Thu Mar 17 15:47:07 EDT 2011

Yes, I am controlling the OCXO frequency with a voltage input (center tap of 10k trimpot from +5V to ground). I hooked up my custom 26 MHz PIC divider* and was able to trim the OCXO to match the output of my GPS 1pps signal to better than 1E-9 (at least for short periods of time).  

These parts draw about 60 mA at +5V in operation in a 23 C ambient environment, after a brief one-time warmup pulse of about 200 mA. The can gets a bit warm if left open. I taped a small thermistor against the case, and made a little styrofoam box to nest snugly over it and measured the can case temp to reach about 50 C when thus insulated.

I am accumulating some performance data on the two units I have and can post it online if anyone is interested.  (actually, I was thinking of buying a bunch more before posting the data, because the price seems too good to be true). 

* http://www.bealecorner.org/best/measure/time/source/

Scott Newell wrote:
> That's a great price for any OCXO. Do they have EFC? (I can't tell from the part number in the auction photo.) 

At 01:41 PM 3/17/2011, beale wrote:
    output of a 26 MHz Pletronics OCXO in a 14DIP can (by the way these go for $2 online, the cheapest OCXO I've seen).

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