[time-nuts] Equipment question: OCXO versus GPSDO + XTAL

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Thu Mar 17 22:16:58 EDT 2011


All I saw was three responses one of which (I) suggested the opposite.


Wolfgang wrote:

> On Friday 18 March 2011, Greg Broburg wrote:
> > I have a 53131 and 53181. There were several TB options.
> > I dont have a manual for the 53230A. If you could, see what
> > the option TB assembly PNs are, then go looking for these
> > assemblies. Mine just dropped in and did the autocal right
> > off. I paid 300 to upgrade the 53181. The autocal using a
> > DAC works very well, no more tweaking Rs or Cs and
> > waiting a day for them to restabilize.
> >
> Don't recall where I read this but IIRC:
> There are several other options for the 53230A which can be added lateron
> by the user ("kits") but the OCXO can only be installed lateron by sending
> the device to service.
> Thanks to the list for the answers - but:
> It seems like everybody is telling me "go for the cheaper, add the OCXO
> lateron if you need it" - but that's not what I'm after. What I'd really
> like to do is to make up my mind based on educated opinions on this list
> whether the built-in OXCO option offers any advantage at all compared
> to standard clock + good external reference.
> - Wolfgang, DL1SKY
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