[time-nuts] BYMLBI (Back Yard Medium LBI)

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Mar 18 15:29:34 EDT 2011

> From what I can learn about "seeing" the atmosphere instability is too
> great to allow making measurements optically in the 1 ms area. 

There has been some interesting amateur work done on taking lots of 
short-exposure pictures and sifting through them to find the good ones.  (I 
can't find a good URL right now.)

I don't know if any stars are bright enough to make that practical.

> The source has to be "not moving"  (which I think leaves out using
> something like jupiter) 

We know where Jupiter is.  It should be possible to correct for that motion.  
It's just another layer of software. :)

> As someone else has pointed out, measuring the earth surface position
> relative to spacecraft orbits, e.g. GPS, would be another technique.

That's an interesting idea, but I think all the orbit data for GPS satellites 
is Earth relative rather than star relative.  I wonder if the group that 
drives the GPS satellites even knows their location relative to the stars.  
I'll bet not.

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