[time-nuts] Parts Selection

brent evers brent.evers at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 16:46:04 EDT 2011

Hi -

New to the list as of last night - much more activity than I expected.
 As an introduction, my name I Brent, and I work mostly in the subsea
world, although prior to that, in the RF/microwave test equipment

I expected to lurk for a good 6 months before chiming in, but what the heck.

Done it before: yes
Done it in the last 2 years: yes
Setup to do it in the basement:  yes, in a hack sort of way
Would I bye one?  No
Would do in a reasonable amount of time:  No.

Not to confuse the issue, but the "No's" at the end are because of my
doubts in what can be accomplished given the limitations of my own
skills (which are not bad) and the limitations on the design imposed
by that.  Hand soldering chips is doable, but you are limiting the
design to not having any BGA's, which I think is unrealistic in
today's world and still expect a decent level of performance.  Many of
the chips I work with today aren't offered in anything but BGA's.  To
me, there'd be a lot more value in putting people's algorithm and
coding skills to use (of which, mine aren't so good).  Design a robust
platform based on an FPGA, get a group buy together and get the thing
built in a real board house.  Spend the effort in developing a high
quality/high feature system that is built on sound and reproducable
hardware.  The GNU radio project and others come to mind.

Then I might be interested..

Hope I didn't detract from/dustract the conversation.  Many thanks in
advance for the good information I have already gathered and will
certainly gather in the future.

Best Regards,


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