[time-nuts] HP 8508A Vector Voltmeter

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Thu May 19 09:21:03 EDT 2011


The HP Vector Voltmeter is a very useful device.

What some people do not realize is that is actually 2 independent power 

If you have the full meter, you will have 2 slip-on 50 0hm loads.

So you can use it for adjusting an amplifiers gain, etc.

73, Harry, W3IIT

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I found an old HP 8508A in the store room at work, and it looks like a
useful candidate for Time Nuts activities. It seems to work OK, and
while it has GPIB, I don't at present have GPIB on my computer, but I
can connect up a chart recorder.

Has anybody any comments about using this instrument for comparison of
references, for example?

Murray ZL1BPU

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