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Is anyone else old enough to remember when you would hear on the radio "Time 
at the tone, 5 o'clock.  Beep."  The tone was anywhere from half a second to 
one second long and it might have been hard to pin down if the beginning or 
the end of the tone was 5 o'clock but it was probably within a couple of 
seconds accuracy which was plenty good for setting your watch or the kitchen 
clock.  Why don't you hear that now a days?  Digital TV has latency which is 
dependant on the equipment used by the cable or satellite company and is 
somewhat variable between receiver manufacturers.  The engineer of our local 
public radio station told me that digital radio has 7 seconds delay.  When I 
asked the station manager if there were any plans to run studio time 7 
seconds ahead of real time so listeners would get accurate time he just 


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>A number of years back the London Science Museum used to sell an Einstein
> Relative Time Watch that just had the hours hand and was marked around the
> dial, 1'ish, 2'ish, 3'ish, etc. I bought my ex one, don't know if she 
> still
> has it. It's not the same as the new ones I have seen via Googling as I
> think this was much more fun.
> Steve
> On 20 May 2011 02:55, Burt I. Weiner <biwa at att.net> wrote:
>> Chuck,
>> In another post I spoke about spending a few days with a fellow from 
>>  A lot of our idle chit-chat was about accuracy in timing and GPS 
>> vs.other
>> off-air standards and propagation.  He told me about his background in 
>> the
>> military and precision measurements and about a watch he used to have 
>> that
>> displayed in GPS seconds - fascinating stuffs.  I noticed that he wasn't
>> wearing a watch and I commented on that.  He told me that he'd spent a 
>> good
>> part of his life knowing precisely what time it was and still does the 
>> same
>> thing in his work at DATUM.  He then went on to comment that he was tired 
>> of
>> knowing exactly what time it was and he personally got sick of knowing 
>> the
>> exact time.  He also said that looking at the kitchen clock once a day 
>> was
>> close enough for him, that it reduced the stress on him.
>> Burt
>> At 07:43 AM 5/19/2011, time-nuts-request at febo.com wrote
>>> My personal preference is for highly jeweled totally mechanical
>>> automatic winding  wristwatches.  My hobby compels me to have
>>> high accuracy time and frequency around, but my life just
>>> doesn't run with that kind of precision.
>>> -Chuck Harris
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