[time-nuts] VIGO time interval devices

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Wed Nov 2 07:33:26 EDT 2011

A couple more :)

http://www.ptsyst.com/U6200A-B.pdf (even with 20GHz input option)

Similar thing I found some time ago when looking for an electronic load. 
Same thing with several different branding, price ranging for 1 to 2.



El 02/11/2011 12:19, Arthur Dent escribió:
> Jose Camara-"Berkeley Nucleonics has them, Keithley has them, they all must
> come from the same Chinese OEM. Maybe the quality is good, maybe the specs
> are honest and apples to apples. Or maybe not."
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Interesting to note that the Picotest/Array U6200A and the BNC 1105 use exactly
> the same photos in their ads. The major difference seems to be the asking price.
> http://www.picotest.com.tw/product02.html
> http://www.array.sh/yq-u6200ae.htm
> http://www.berkeleynucleonics.com/products/model_1105.html
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