[time-nuts] Monitoring the Rapco 1804M - how antenna changes affect the unit

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 10:49:15 EDT 2011

> Ah, I didn't realize this was based on the Trimble board - I was
> having a mental seizure and thinking it was using a Motorola OnCore,
> as so many of the others did.  Are you really sure it is an SV6?
> Trimble also made an SV8 timing that was in the same form factor  and
> if it was using that it would certainly explain why you sometimes see
> more than 6 satellites - although I have a vague memory that if you
> talk to it as if it was a 6-channel board it starts pretending to be
> one for reasons of backwards compatibility, so even if you do have the
> SV8 in there it likely won't do you much good.

Next time I have the unit open I will take a look.  Are there obvious 
markings to distinguish the boards (it's a board and not a box), as I 
recall looking but no seeing any.

>> As the unit is only required for frequency, I am not intending to 
>> modify it.
>>  It has OCXO with quite good specifications, so it will more than meet 
>> my
>> needs.  It would likely meet my needs five minutes after being switched 
>> on!
> True, but this is time-nuts.  The pursuit of more accuracy than you
> need is the whole purpose of the list :)
> Regards,
> Pete

Yes, I know!  Sad, but 10 Hz at 150 MHz and PCs to within a few 
microseconds will do me nicely!

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